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About us

We are a family run company that have personally experienced the requirement for family members to wear medical ID jewellery in order to keep them safe. We try our very best to bring you a modern approach to the medical ID. There are many conditions in which you should wear a Medical ID. Our Medical ID Jewellery is designed to speak for you when you are unable. If you have a chronic medical condition, are allergic to certain medications or certain foods, or take particular medication then you should wear a Medical ID.

About Us

In 2018 My Identity was started in New Zealand.  They are the first privately owned company to provide Medical IDs to the New Zealand market.  My Identity is proud to provide fun, functional and fashionable medical ID bracelets to the many people of New Zealand and Australia that have either worn or sometimes refused to wear the standard metal medical ID available.  We love hearing that people who have not worn them in the past are happily wearing them now because they are fashionable.  
We are constantly trying to update our range of bracelets, necklaces and ID tags.  
We started this business when our daughter Payton was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 7.  We searched high and low for medical identification that she would be happy to wear, in the end sourcing items from overseas at extremely high costs.  We started My Identity so that people with medical conditions are happily proud to wear a medical ID as part of their identification in the hope that it helps emergency services to assist them when they cannot help themselves.  
On our journey we have partnered with Diabetes NZ to get a well known diabetic to design and piece of jewellery with proceeds going back into the Diabetes NZ community.  
We have lots of cool things planned so stay tuned or better yet, join our mailing list to stay in the know.  

About Payton

To say her diagnosis was a shock was an understatement.  We felt like a bomb had hit our little family unit. Payton was in severe ketoacidosis when she was diagnosed and was extremely sick.  We had a fabulous medical team and some wonderful support in those first few days.  As she got better and better we slowly came to terms with our new normal through tears and resolve.  

'It was life changing NOT life defining'

This is our motto - yes it changes things but does it define her, absolutely not.  She is a strong and resilient young lady and we are extremely proud of her and everything she has to overcome.  

But, she is not the only one and there are many people who need to wear medical identification jewellery in our small but wonderful country.  Therefore MY IDENTITY was born.  

We are trying to make affordable but fun and functional pieces.