About Us

We started this journey because we found that we couldn't get fun, fashionable and stylish products within New Zealand for our daughter Payton who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in May 2016.  To say her diagnosis was a shock was an understatement.  We felt like a bomb had hit our little family unit. Payton was in severe ketoacidosis when she was diagnosed and was extremely sick.  We had a fabulous medical team and some wonderful support in those first few days.  As she got better and better we slowly came to terms with our new normal through tears and resolve.  

'It was life changing NOT life defining'

This is our motto - yes it changes things but does it define her, absolutely not.  She is a strong and resilient young lady and we are extremely proud of her and everything she has to overcome.  

But, she is not the only one and there are many people who need to wear medical identification jewellery in our small but wonderful country.  Therefore MY IDENTITY was born.  

We are trying to make affordable but fun and functional pieces.