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We are a family run company that have personally experienced the requirement for family members to wear medical ID jewellery in order to keep them safe. We try our very best to bring you a modern approach to the medical ID. There are many conditions in which you should wear a Medical ID. Our Medical ID Jewellery is designed to speak for you when you are unable. If you have a chronic medical condition, are allergic to certain medications or certain foods, or take particular medication then you should wear a Medical ID.

Top reasons to wear an outdoor ID

Top reasons to wear an outdoor ID

Posted by Hayley McDonald on 2nd Mar 2021

  • If you cannot speak for yourself, an ID whether medical or outdoor will speak for you. 
  • Any form of identification enables first responders to immediately contact family members on your behalf. 
  • The information you provide on your ID will enable additional details about your health to others. 
  • If your NZ NHI number is listed on your ID, it will save time in finding your vital medical records. 
  • If you suffer from allergies, your ID communicates where you cannot. 
  • Wearing an ID is better than not wearing an ID in a potentially life threatening situation. 
  • Wearing an ID gives you a much better chance at people finding your information.