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About us

We are a family run company that have personally experienced the requirement for family members to wear medical ID jewellery in order to keep them safe. We try our very best to bring you a modern approach to the medical ID. There are many conditions in which you should wear a Medical ID. Our Medical ID Jewellery is designed to speak for you when you are unable. If you have a chronic medical condition, are allergic to certain medications or certain foods, or take particular medication then you should wear a Medical ID.

Active Tag


Our Active ID Tag is specifically designed to add to your Apple Watch or similar.  This prevents the need to wear another bracelet.  Use it in times where you may need your information given to someone but you cannot tell them yourself.  

Available in stainless steel colour only and a medical ID tag is being manufactured now.  

Measurements = 22mm wide x 24mm

Chose safety and style when out and about and being active with the Active-Tag My Identity ID.  

Price includes engraving (usually $20).