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About us

We are a family run company that have personally experienced the requirement for family members to wear medical ID jewellery in order to keep them safe. We try our very best to bring you a modern approach to the medical ID. There are many conditions in which you should wear a Medical ID. Our Medical ID Jewellery is designed to speak for you when you are unable. If you have a chronic medical condition, are allergic to certain medications or certain foods, or take particular medication then you should wear a Medical ID.



An intricately woven stainless steel chain that is fully compatible with our extensive range of medical ID tags. Customise your bracelet by mixing and matching it to suit your mood or look.

Available in 3 versatile sizes to suit any size wrist.  Sizes: 13cm, 15cm and 17cm.  

Please see sizing guide here.  

My story first! I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six days after my second birthday - it wasn't picked up until very late in the game, to the point that I almost died. I was only diagnosed after I stopped breathing, and had to be resuscitated by my mum and the paramedics etc. My sugar level at diagnosis was almost 40. Fast forward 24 years, I'm now 26 and until now, I had no complications - now I'm in the midst of getting tested for gastroparesis and intestinal paralysis also. So lifes a joy at the moment!!