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About us

We are a family run company that have personally experienced the requirement for family members to wear medical ID jewellery in order to keep them safe. We try our very best to bring you a modern approach to the medical ID. There are many conditions in which you should wear a Medical ID. Our Medical ID Jewellery is designed to speak for you when you are unable. If you have a chronic medical condition, are allergic to certain medications or certain foods, or take particular medication then you should wear a Medical ID.

Melanie Medical ID Bracelet


This bracelet is a strong yet thing stylish bracelet made out of gold plated stainless steel.  It measures approximately 21cm in length and can be resized by removing links (jeweller required) or by attaching the lobster claw further up the chain.  

The plate measures 50mm by 8mm.  

Made out of gold plated stainless steel with a small medical ID emblem on the front.  All engraving to be done on the back.  

Melanie is a 40 year old mother of 3 young daughters. The oldest being 10. Her condition started all whilst trying to juggle a young family! The family are farmers and she teaches part time. In her spare time she likes to spend time with family and friends and get outdoors walking, biking or in my garden. Melanie developed a severe form of oral allergy syndrome stemming from a silver birch allergy about ten years ago. She has suffered multiple anaphylactic reactions while she worked out what all of the allergies were. It is rare to develop reactions to an anaphylactic level with oral allergy syndrome and it is also extremely rare to react to the massive number of foods that I do as a result of it. She has had help from her specialist at Christchurch hospital and his wonderful nurse to help her manage it but there have been some very dark days! She has decided to finally get a bracelet she now have more confidence to eat while out and about, this does of course always put her at great risk.